Scan QR Code

Consumer-Presented QR Code

A summary of the Scan-QR Code use case is as follows:

  1. Consumer shops in a retail store and brings items to the POS for checkout.

  2. When prompted, the consumer indicates they want to pay via QR code. The consumer opens the wallet app and displays a QR code.

  3. The merchant initiates the wallet the consumer indicated in POS and scans the QR code and passes the value to Yuansfer.

  4. Yuansfer parses the QR code value and detects that the transaction should be routed to the needed wallet service for processing: the consumer sees the UI to approve the transaction on their phone.

  5. Depending on the consumer’s decision (accept or cancel), the wallet service processes the payment and sends the payment status to the consumer and Yuansfer.

  6. Yuansfer relays processing results from the wallet service to the Merchant’s POS.

  7. The consumer collects the POS receipt and exits the store with the purchased goods.

Scan-QR Code Payment Flow

  1. A customer selects goods, and the merchant's system requests to create transactions to the Yuansfer system.

  2. The Yuansfer system returns the transaction ID to the merchant’s system.

  3. The customer presents the barcode or QR code on their wallet app for checkout.

  4. The merchant's system sends the payment request with the transaction ID and barcode or QR code from the customer.

  5. The Yuansfer system sends the payment result to the Merchant's system.

  6. The Merchant's system shows the payment result to the customer.

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