Point of Sale


Yuansfer Point of Sale (“POS”) Partners can enable their merchants to accept PayPal, Venmo, Alipay, and other Yuansfer supported wallets as payment tenders for goods purchased in physical locations across partners’ POS.

To enable in-store payments, partners will integrate with Yuansfer APIs. The APIs, which expose RESTful endpoints, will allow the partner to perform payment captures, cancels, and refunds on their POS.

To become a POS Partner, please contact the Yuansfer Support Team.

There are two available use cases for Yuansfer’s in-store QR code payments:

  1. Scan-QR Code, in which the wallet apps display a QR code to be scanned by the POS.

  2. Create-QR Code, in which the POS displays a QR code to be scanned by the wallet apps.




QR Code

Quick Response Code, a two-dimensional bar code representing the wallet transaction identifier.


The process in which accounts, profiles, and credentials are created for new partners and locations.

Wallet App

A wallet app is a convenient solution for a user to make in-store payments and can be used at merchants listed with the mobile wallet service provider.


The point-of-sale used in physical merchant locations to complete a purchase of physical goods.


The process of reversing a payment transaction after the transaction has experienced an error or lack of a response to a request.

POS Best Practices

  1. The POS should offer a QR code scan option so that when a customer wants to pay with the wallet app. POS scans the QR code and identifies the wallet type automatically. After scanning the QR code, the POS shows the wallet type and sends the scanned QR code to the Yuansfer system.

  2. The POS should be able to display the transaction status clearly to the cashier. E.g. “Processing”, “Approved”, “Declined” (by provider), “Waiting for Customer Confirmation”, “Customer Cancelled”, etc. POS should display “Processing” until it receives a response, at that point the status’ will be determined by the API responses.

  3. The cashier should have a way to cancel the transaction so that in the event there is an issue with the customer’s phone and the transaction cannot be completed, preventing the POS from being stuck in a checking state.

  4. All transactions should be completed within a reasonable time limit and show a warning message when the transaction can’t be completed for any unexpected reason.

You can use add, pay, create-trans-qrcode APIs for POS(in-store) integration.

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